Footbrawl Quest


A game that mixes dungeons and American football



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Footbrawl Quest is a game that mixes bits of sports games with touches of RPG, offering an adventure reminiscent of the traditional games in Blood Bowl. This means you control a team of American football players who have to score against the undead.

In contrast to the traditional Blood Bowl, in Footbrawl Quest you have to move through a dungeon instead of a normal game field. In this dungeon you'll find different objects, such as chests, magic wands, bombs, etc.

The gameplay in Footbrawl Quest is pretty simple. On your turn you have to give commands to your players, who can move, pick up objects, and of course charge and attack the enemies. That said, you have to watch out for the undead attack line, as their charges can be lethal.

Footbrawl Quest is a strategy and role-playing game with elements of a sports game as well. Blood Bowl fans will love it. In fact, anyone that likes good games should love it.
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